My very own Piecefully blog…!

Hello All!

A new beginning here at – stay tuned as I learn how to navigate this new site, format, tools, etc…  Jean has agreed to take over my role at  : ) Thanks, Jean!  Keep a watch there as the Quilt Mama blog continues to evolve…

I returned yesterday from my trip to the Quilt Odyssey in Hershey, PA.  The Show was exceptional.  The caliber of quilts was surprising!  LOTS of fine work – from design to execution.  I took many pictures and found loads of inspiration!  The vendors were plentiful and had booths stocked with things sure to delight!!!  ; )  As always, it was mega-FUN spending time with Momma Barb!!!  And, we were excited for Karen – she won two top awards!!!

I had a two day class with Becky Goldsmith from Piece O’ Cake fame!  (Hey, if you click on her blog you will see ME!  Well, just my hands, but you will also see my poster putty tip…GO check it out!)  Anywho…my class was Whirlygigs and it was pretty interesting.  We did foundation piecing by machine using vellum the first day.  Then day two we worked on hand applique.  Becky has a unique style of appliqueing.  I did give it a whirl(ygig), but it’s not for me.  It is a good idea to try different techniques though.  I am going to post a photo of my block minus the applique portion…









OK!  That’s enough “new tricks for an old dog” for now.  Check back here from time to time to see what’s new and to watch this blog evolve.  Thanks for stopping by!  I appreciate your interest and suppoprt  : )

Piecefully, Pam


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9 responses to “My very own Piecefully blog…!

  1. Hi Pam,

    Oooh, I sold you on WordPress. Awesome! Looks great! 😀

    A link to your RSS feed might be good on the sidebar ( Also, you may want to disable comments on the “About” page. 😉


  2. Lori

    Pam–Best of luck. Enjoy!!
    I was reading Becky’s blog about the blue tacky and as soon as she mentioned PAM, I knew it was “our” Pam!!! Talk soon.

  3. Pam – The blog looks great. Best of luck

  4. Dolores

    Pam – Blog lots great, best of luck

  5. Consuelo

    Live long and prosper Piecefully!!!

  6. Caroline

    Pam – I’m enjoying the new blog. Looking forward to following along!

  7. Pam – all the best on the new blog! Looking forward to many, many posts. I checked out Becky’s blog – your hands are lovely! And a great tip too! As always, thanks for sharing…piece.

  8. Cathy DiNardo

    Pam – best wishes with your new blog.