What do you do?

It’s a sultry afternoon here.  I am hoping you are sipping an iced tea, taking a couple stitches and keeping cool.  Too hot to hang out laundry today.  I did that yesterday.  That brings me to the point of this post…

In my Whirlygig class there was a (lengthy) discussion about laundering fabric.  This is one of those topics that generates quite a buzz among quilters?!  I DO!  That is a large part of why I have “stash!”  When I’m ready to sew, I pull fabric from my stash and get busy!  : )  I’m ready to stitch NOW!!!  I would hate to run to the store looking for just the “right” thing, cart it home, toss it in the washing machine and then wait for it to dry too?!  Ugh!  What a motivation KiLlEr!!!

So, on my shelves, my yardage/meterage has been machine washed, line dried and folded.  When I wash my fabric, I clip all 4 corners.  This TELLS me the fabric has indeed been laundered!  Small bits of fabric…fat quarters, fat eighths, scrappy pieces all go into a lingerie bag or sweater bag and then into the washing machine.  Each small piece is then pegged out on my clothesline to dry.  No excuses!

I don’t want to invest my time and money in a quilt project only to have the dyes run when the quilt is washed.  : /  Imagine?!  I tend to sew with a LOT of bright (Kaffe Fassett and Amy Butler) fabrics, and I don’t want to take any chances.

Share your thoughts and ideas about to launder or not to launder?!  There are some valid reasons for both sides.  Tell me what do you do?!  

Has anyone tried any of the newer batts?  The “green batts” like bamboo, spun soda bottles, organic cotton and such?  I just used a bamboo batt for the first time.  It was a little fuzzy during the quilting process.  I laundered the quilt and was anxious to see the outcome.  There was a bit of shrinkage which gave the quilt that vintage appearance.  : )  I LOVE that look and was quite pleased with the finished result!

Thanks for stopping by.  I appreciate your visit.  : )  And, thanks to the well wishers for my new endeavor!

Piecefully, Pam


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