Is this cheating…?!

DSCN2103The new Bunny Hill block has been posted!!!  It’s CUPCAKES!!!  : )  How cute!  The thing is, I JUST bought (and laundered) this fabric.  It was sitting on my cutting table waiting to be added to my stash.  Would it be considered cheating to fussy cut these CUTE cupcakes and add them to my Bunny Hill block…?  What do you think…?

Piecefully, Pam

P.S.  This morning I booked my flight to Houston for Quilt Festival in October!!!  ; )



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3 responses to “Is this cheating…?!

  1. I thought about doing the cupcakes that way but didn’t have cupcake fabric….Yours turned out great! I love how people come up with their own little spins on these blocks!

  2. Cathy DiNardo

    Pam – definately not cheating…just call it a perfect opportunity. It’s going to look great!!

  3. Nope…that’s what we call fate! It’d almost be cheating NOT to use it….so cute! Piece…

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