In a pickle! ; )

I committed to making Chili Dills tomorrow!  I ran to 7-Eleven tonight to buy ice.  Now the garden cukes can seriously chill overnight in preparation for pickling tomorrow.  Dill is waiting to be picked in the morning maybe some garlic too.  I haven’t made pickles since 2007.  It’s time!!!  I use a “regular” dill pickle recipe, but I add cayenne peppers from the garden.  The peppers give a KICK!  Awesome!!!  They’re GREAT with a sammy!  ; )

Today I did some work on my Flower Pots Block #4.  I am enjoying this project.  I got a boost from the photos my students shared!  Thanks girls!!!

So…sew, this is what our studio looked like earlier today as I was selecting fabrics for templates and checking my traced pattern…messy, but FUN!

DSCN2105This is the current state of my Block #4…

DSCN2109Summer has been FILLED with wonder and FuN!!!  May you enjoy your tonight and have a fabulous tomorrow!  I’m going to go take a few stitches now!

Piecefully, Pam


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