A date to remember!

It has been quite the week!  Summer is coming to a close.  I KNOW this because I have returned to work this week.  My Summer holiday is over…and I’m NOT ready!!!  OK, I NEVER am.  Leaves are falling, garden plants are turning yellow and brown, AND it smells like acorns.  Yep, that acorn scent triggers a childhood memory.  It signals Autumn’s approach!  This thought was only reinforced by Nicole’s most recent post!  See what I mean?!

Two Pocket Matt stayed late on Monday to provide tech support.  Here’s a BIG shout out to YOU, Matt!!!  Thanks dude!!!  ; )  I’m going to try to add a “link” for another recipe this evening.  I’m working tags, catergories and RSS thanks to Matt.  Those Game Guys are a talented and surprising bunch!

I am nearing completion of my 4th Flower Pots block from Kim McLean’s quilt.  I have even begun the prep work for Block #5!  I am using this quilt to teach hand applique at  Cloth & Bobbin .  Such FUN working with these talented and eager women!  ; )  You SEW, girls!!!

Keep cool, keep sewing and enjoy your evening!  Thanks for stopping by.  : )

Piecefully, Pam

P.S.  I did.  Five years ago TODAY!  : )  So did they…just last week.  ALL the best!!!



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4 responses to “A date to remember!

  1. Pam and Scott – Happy anniversary – many more years of piece and happiness….

  2. MARE

    Congrats !! How times fly when your having fun !

  3. Pam congratuations 5 years WOW that’s amazing.
    The blog looks awesome.

  4. Pam – Happy anniversary! Hard to believe it’s been 5 years already. Here’s to many, many more. Can you teach me some of these cool tricks?? See you Sunday…piece.

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