A special delivery!

Yesterday Momma Barb and Karen visited.  They delivered a sewing table.  It had been Karen’s.  She now has the new Bernina 820 which needs it’s own table. Karen doesn’t have space in her studio for both, so…sew…?!


Opened, the table measures approximately 35″ x 51″  It is manufactured by Horn or Koala…I didn’t see a makers mark, but Barb believes it’s Horn.  Barb uses this exact model as her sewing (and cutting) table too!!!  The sewing machine can not recess down into the table.  But, when (if) the sewing machine is removed, there is an insert to fill the opening and make it a whole intact table/surface.  The unit is on castors and can be mobile or locked into position.

This table comes with provenance!  However, I do not have a need for the table.  Karen knows if I don’t keep it, it will be offered to one of my Bee girls.  That is fine with her (and Barb).  She just wants it to go to a good home where it will get use and be-e loved.  Any takers…?!

Piecefully, Pam



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2 responses to “A special delivery!

  1. sewpam63

    Alrighty then. Marianne gets the sewing table! ; ) It’s ready for pick-up.

  2. Mare

    It looks great…I’ll measure my hallway to see if it will fit. I am now using an old dining room table that folds down. If, no other takers.

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