first…?!  I LOVE this time of year.  : )  The weather is “just right!”  I hope you enjoy today!!!

I have been busy doing geeky tech stuff.  I finally got my printer OUT of the box, set it up and printed with it?!  Anon…?!  All by myself.  I feel faint!

I’m stitching on my Flower Pots project when I get the chance, but I haven’t been that productive lately.  I need to SEW more!

We are getting back in the work groove.  Jingle is doing pretty well with the change and seems to be adjusting easily.  Shelby?!  She has taken to the cooler temps… inverting… spots and dots for all to see in a big furry sleep nap cat.  NO shame!  ; )

One thing NOT great about this time of year…seasonal allergies!!!  I gotta go get a tissue.  Pardon me…

Piecefully, Pam


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