DC Comics

So, I live with a husband who grew up with The Hall of Justice and Super Friends.  Mister Mxyzptlk was a trouble making villain.  His name pronounced backwards (don’t ask)…would sound something like skittle skim.  Anyway, in our home when there is a “mixelplick or skittle skim” it means something foul is underfoot.  It’s usually unexpected and unpleasant…

While getting ready for our trip to York on Saturday morning, Scott had a spinal/back event.  It precluded us from going to York, and set the pace for the rest of the weekend.  <think><imagine>  Man with an ailment and a BEAUTIFUL 3 day Holiday weekend…  Need I say more?!  I called him a grizzly bear!  He’s improved, thanks for asking.  And, most of our skittle skim has left.  But, you get the drift.

I sewed my Flower Pots panels on in reverse.  Rip!  Wait.  This doesn’t fit?!  Can that be right…?!  Measure.  Measure again.  Read the pattern.  Look at the picture.  Count blocks.  Measure again.  Up and down the stairs MANY times!!!  Need to consult with the grizzly bear, but he’s lying prone in bed on a BEAUTIFUL Saturday afternoon.  Why not just poke him with a big, pointy stick…?!  Uh, back down to the basement to measure, read the pattern, look at the picture, count the blocks, measure again.

And, the weekend continued pretty much just like that.  Thankfully, I did NOT have a 3 day weekend.  I went into work last night.  Is that a blessing…?!

If all that isn’t bad enough.  Guess what?  We have to go to York THIS Saturday now.  OMG!

Piecefully, Pam

; )



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3 responses to “DC Comics

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  2. Jean Burke

    OY!!!! A tough one all around…..how is the back feeling now? Did Jingle and Shelby escape the dreaded skittle skim? The ‘poking him with big pointy stick’ part – funny now, but not so much at the time, I’m sure. Did you work out the blocks? I know how much you love reading directions!! Hope you can come to bee this week and gather some female sympathy reserves. Piece…

  3. Consuelo

    Blessings on your house. Sounds like you need them….

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