Step by step trace to prep

1. Open original pattern/design onto a large flat work surface.

2. Poster putty pattern in place.

3. With extra fine point Sharpie marker, trace design onto exam table paper or pattern tracing material.  Hold this in place with poster putty.

4. Remove traced design and set aside.

5. Fold and press your background block in half, quarters and then individual wedges.  Use a dry iron on medium-high heat to crease or “mark” your fabric center and sections.

6. Align the creases of your background block with the registration marks on the original pattern.  Poster putty your background fabric in place.

7. With a (0.7mm lead) mechanical pencil, lightly trace the design onto your background fabric.

8. When completely traced, remove background fabric and set aside.

9. With your original pattern still (poster puttied) in place make freezer paper templates for each applique shape.  Cover desired shape with freezer paper, shiny side down.  Use the extra fine point Sharpie marker to carefully trace the applique shape onto the matte side of the freezer paper.

10. Use your paper scissors to carefully cut out the freezer paper template ON the draw line.  (I am not going to explain fan folding, stapling, making multiple copies or reverse copies of applique templates at this time.)

11. With a hot dry iron, press shiny side of freezer paper onto the RIGHT side of selected fabric.

12. Place fabric with freezer paper template on a sand board or cutting mat.  This will provide nap and prevent distortion when tracing.

13. Trace around freezer paper template onto the RIGHT side of fabric using your mechanical pencil.

14. Keep freezer paper template in place and (by eyeball estimation) add a 1/4 inch seam allowance, when cutting the applique shape from fabric.

15. Carefully peel off the freezer paper template and store for future use.  (I have used some templates 12 – 15 times!)

16. Glue and heat set fabric applique shape to background block in preparation for hand applique.

You may be interested in my hand applique process


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