OK, so here’s the finished product.  The cooked down pumpkin chunks turn into this.

crock pot cooked piumpkincooked pumpkin ready for the freezer!

I freeze it in 2 cup measurements.  It will make the BEST pies, pumpkin rolls, breads and muffins.  : P

Today’s weather is just GORGEOUS!!!  Jingle and I were BUSY in the garden beds this afternoon.  He’s napping now!  It’s been a full weekend of productivity, fun and love!

I MUST start getting ready for Houston!!!  I’m taking a class with Kaffe Fassett (I think I may pee my pants or be a mute in that class – I LOVE his work!!!) And, a class with Karen Kay Buckley.  (check out her new blog!)  She’s a friend, and though ‘famous’…I KNOW her!!!  ; )  I’m not afraid of her…she rocks!!! Anyone else out there going to the Houston Quilt Festival this year?  Anyone staying over following Quilt Market?  Give me a shout out and I’ll look for you there…?!

I have been busily stitching on my 6th Flower Pots block this weekend.  Circles too!  I’m getting dizzy…  ; )  I hope your weekend has been just as specatcular too!  Enjoy!!!

Piecefully, Pam


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  1. I WISH I was going to Houston! I am extremely jealous that you get to take a class with Kaffe Fassett, so I hope you will tell us every detail in your blog. I may wet my pants just reading about it and imagining I was there :). Have fun!

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