This is where I am.

DSCN2484And, here’s my Flower Pots blocks #1 – 5 on the design wall with the side borders and circles added as a mock-up.  Still SEW much sewing yet to do, but it’s getting there…DSCN2525Time to go sew!  ; )

Piecefully, Pam



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10 responses to “This is where I am.

  1. This will be soo pretty, I mean … it already is! Lovely, I would like to make something like this one day. Love the colors and fabrics, and the very pretty design, too! Thank you for a nice visit, Pam!

  2. Hol. y. cow! Wow, wow, wow!!!! I love your quilt on your Quilt Festival post… but this… wow. I can’t stop saying wow. BEAUTIFUL!

  3. Cathy D.


  4. I swear this quilt is following me. I’ve always wanted to do it, and I seem to have several online friends working on it. It’s just gorgeous!

    • sewpam63

      Joan – I would LOVE to find others who are making this quilt!!! I do know of Cathy from Cabbage Quilts. : ) If you know of others who wouldn’t mind sharing, could you tell me, please?!
      This project has been such an amazing journey!!! FUN! Bright! Full of whimsy…

  5. tirane93

    that is just amazing, really. can’t wait to see it finished!

    • sewpam63

      Thank you for your kindness and support. : ) It’s appreciated! I must admit, I too can’t wait to SEE it finished….!!! ; )

  6. Consuelo

    I am in awe….

    • sewpam63

      Mo – it’s simply eating an elephant ONE bite at a time! You’re quilting now, so just wait…?! One day…who knows!!!??? ; )

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