No power.

When we woke yesterday we were without electricity.  Remember, we work night shift.  We sleep during the day.  So, when we got up, it was evening and the sun was already starting to set.  Uh oh…  We dressed for work last night using a flashlight.  You know when you see those people and think…they must not have any mirrors in their house.  Or, did they get dressed in the dark?  Yep, that was US!

No power.  No electricity meant no…LIGHTS, computer, sewing machine, telephone, television, hot water.  AaaRRgHHH!!!  Most of our neighbors just went to bed early.  Uh, we couldn’t really do that.  We just got UP!  Well, maybe just a little nap?  But, there was no alarm to set.  And, we couldn’t have someone call to wake us.

For those who know us, we had plenty of candles to light.  It was romantic…in a dark, power outage kind of way…

Let me just say, 8 or 80 tea light candles do NOT an Ott light make!

Our power has been restored!!!  We have LIGHTS!!!  Internet access!!!  Hot water and refrigeration!!!  Best of all…SEWING!!!  ; )

I hope your evening is BrIgHt!!!  Go take a few stitches and feel blessed.

Piecefully, Pam



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  1. arlijohn

    Isn’t electricity wonderful? I am considering though a treadle machine for those times.

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