It means a lot to me…

5/21/10 Sorry for the mix up!  Here is the correct link to my Spring 2010 BQF post.  ; )  Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Thanks Amy for this opportunity…

I finished this quilt two years ago this month!  I was hurrying to “get ‘er dun!” for my Guild Quilt Show.  : )

It was started in a class with John Flynn.  This was one of the very first quilt classes I had ever taken!  It was a half day class on a Sunday morning at the end of the Lancaster Quilt Show.

It just so…sew happened that I fell in LOVE with the fabrics and color palette.  I REALLY liked how they all “played” together!  Fabrics I pulled from my stash…a few Moda’s, some Amy Butler, Kaffe Fassett, a shot cotton or two and a hand dyed for good measure.  ; )

When a friend said to me, “That doesn’t go together.  They don’t match.”  I didn’t listen.  I didn’t care.  It was beautiful and magical to ME!

Once that half day class was over the quilt beckoned me.  So, in the evenings I sewed together Dresden plates and appliqued them onto their background blocks.

I had 20 blocks made!  During a Bee get-away-weekend I took those blocks and added a sashing!  I was SO excited with my progress and this project!!!

When I returned home with the newly sashed quilt, my husband said, “It’s not big enough for our bed.”  Hmmm?!  So, I decided I’d add borders…words and our hands plus a few more Dresden plates!!!

Well, that sealed it.  The words and hands made the whole quilt “ours!”  I just LOVE it!!!  : )

It’s on our bed.  We sleep under it every day.  : )  It makes my soul sing with happiness.  What better way to fall asleep?!

Thanks for indulging me.  I hope you have magical quilts in your home too…?!?!?!  ; )

Piecefully, Pam

P.S.  Here is a photo of just one of the Plates and our hands.  You can see the colors and fabrics much better…



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37 responses to “It means a lot to me…

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  2. sewpam63

    I am amazed that so many have dropped by to take a peek at my quilt and my post! ; ) Your visits and comments continue to surprise me. Thank you for these gifts. Enjoy your day and know you are welcome here any time!!!

  3. It’s a very beautiful quilt.

  4. This is beautiful! and whoever said they fabrics didn’t match had no imagination. Put together as you did they look great!

  5. Your quilt is beautiful and so is the story of it!

  6. That is just beautiful, Pam! And even more special because it’s so personal to you. I’ll bet you sleep well under that quilt. :o)

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Come again sometime!

  7. Oh my, what a beautiful quilt!! And love its message… :))) …oh, and the fabrics! 😉
    Your appliqué work is just amazing, by the way… totally stunning! WOW!!

  8. What a happy quilt. I love the traditional pattern mixed with your modern fabric choices. Thanks for including a photo of a block close up. It shows the detail of the fabric so well. It’s great when we really use and enjoy the special quilts we have made with love!

  9. WOW! It’s beautiful. Aren’t you ever so glad that you listened to your instincts?

  10. Beautiful fabrics. Lovely quilt.

  11. I love the fabrics – perfectly perfect

  12. I love your quilt! Thanks for showing the close-up of the block. Your fabric choices are great.

    Your blog looks interesting – I’ll have to come back and do some reading soon!

  13. Very kind beautiful quilt

  14. Beautiful quilt. Love the plates and the colors you chose. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Oh yes, when the pieces are being cut everyone has an opinion. I once had a friend , may she RIP, who finally got up the courage ( several minutes after viewing some blocks I was piecing) to say…are you from the Applachians or something? She just didn’t feel like my colors were working. Then I saw her work and understood… she bought all matching shades from one maker and one dye lot…beautiful stuff she made…but I was oddly piecing from wildely acquired scraps and telling a very different story.

  16. so soft pastels in a very pretty quilt,
    I am happy that you posted a pic of a block, good job!

  17. love your quilt! I’m glad I found your blog again. I used to read it and then somehow lost it.

  18. I love the colours. This is a real treasure. What a joy to look at! Thanks for sharing. Magical indeed:)

  19. Beautiful. Love the design, & colors. Just a delightful quilt. Thanks for sharing and thanks for participating in the Bloggers Quilt Festival.


  20. Love your wonderful quilt and the story that goes with it!
    Thank you for sharing and your nice comment on my quilt.

    @ Loose Ends

  21. Very pretty, I like the mixing of the curved blades and the pointed ones.

  22. what a great quilt, and a lovely story! this quilt has its own soul.

  23. What a lovely quilt. I love it and the fabrics in it!

  24. Lovely quilt! Some of the best quilts I have ever seen contained fabrics that on their own many would say did not match. Combining a variety of fabrics is always so much prettier and more interesting than picking fabrics that are matchy-matchy. I love your quilt and the fabrics in it!

  25. Lovely quilt, and love the story behind it. Thanks for sharing it; it must be wonderful to have such a special quilt to sleep under every night!

  26. It is a beautiful quilt! I’m glad you followed your heart and went with the fabrics you did. They’re perfect! And I love the story that goes with it. Thanks so much for sharing!

  27. Oh so beautiful! Your quilt is so unique, and I love that you use it everyday!


  28. Lovely quilt. Great quilt to showcase at the BQF – Enjoy Nat

  29. How wonderful that this quilt came together in such a happy way and you get to enjoy it all the time. It’s lovely and unique. Thanks for sharing your quilt story!

  30. Roz

    Well, the colors match great! What a charming quilt. I love Dresden plate pattern.

  31. That’s amazing! They are Dresden Plates, right?

    It’s awesome that you have quilt that makes you heart sing to fall asleep under every night 🙂

  32. FABULOUS! It would make my heart sing, too!

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