There’s no place like home!

Click on IQA’s Winners for a look.  : )  Go.  Be inspired!

Piecefully, Pam



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5 responses to “There’s no place like home!

  1. Welcome home! Can’t wait to hear about it – the best of show is just incredible. How about Hollis Chatelein’s quilts? And Sieglinde won again – good for her. Looking forward to the recap – the blogs have had some neat pictures of market. How was Karen’s class? Is Barb feeling ok? Talk to you soon….piece.

  2. Leigh Anne

    Welcome home!! Hope you had a great time…looking forward to your stories! Was the class (and the instructor) all you dreamed it would be?!?!?

  3. Wow! Very inspiring quilts! I can only imagine how wonderful they were in person.

  4. Cathy D.

    Welcome home Pam!! Hope you had a great time.
    How was Kaffe Fassett?

  5. Consuelo

    Welcome home Pam!

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