Madea Escaping

by Marilyn Belford























I thought this was another amazing quilt.  The whole composition is just incredible!

I hope you enjoy it too.  I will try to post a new quilt photo each day.  I have probably 150…?!  If I have any extra’s to go along with the quilt, I’ll add that too.

It is indeed GOOD to be home.  I am catching up on laundry.  I have a pot of seafood chowder simmering, a crock pot of steel cut oatmeal ready for breakfast in the morning and will be baking banana bread soon.  I am unpacked and nestled in for the evening.  I will take a few stitches a bit later.

Piecefully, Pam


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2 responses to “Madea Escaping

  1. arlijohn

    What a beautiful quilt, thanks for sharing.

  2. Jean Burke

    This is just amazing! The colors are stunning – the white glove lady gives an sense of the scale – it must have been really something in person. Thanks for sharing….piece.

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