Ode to Morris

by Katie Friesen










Isn’t this another BEAUTY?!  It is hand appliqued and hand quilted!!!  Gotta LOVE that.  : )  I hope you enjoy this one too!

Piecefully, Pam



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8 responses to “Ode to Morris

  1. Katie

    just another comment Pam …. go Phillies go!!!!

  2. Katie

    Hi, Pam. I’m Katie Friesen. I’m the quilter that made Ode to Morris. You are right… it is hand appliqued and hand quilted. The quilt is the second one done from William Morris’ art. The first quilt is called “Expression of Morris.
    How did you come across this quilt??
    Best Regards

    • sewpam63

      Hi Katie!!! : ) Thanks for visiting my blog! It’s exciting to have you drop by. I attended the Houston Quilt Festival the other week and THAT’S where I saw your GORGEOUS quilt!!!

      Here is an excerpt from my 10/22/09 blog post that may help explain what I’ve been doing here…”I will be posting Houston pix regularly. I hope you don’t mind. There were SO many remarkable quilts!!! If a quilt didn’t get a ribbon it doesn’t get as much recognition. And, if you weren’t at the Show you may not have had or get a chance to see?! I believe ANY quilt juried into Houston is a WINNER and I want you to see more than just the ribbon winners!!! If I have the artist’s statement, I will post the photos of the quilt along with the quilt maker’s information and any extra tidbits I may have gleaned along the way. If I snapped a picture of a quilt, but didn’t get the artist’s data too, I will not post that photo. I think it’s only fair to give credit where credit is due!”

      Your friend, Sally, left a comment here yesterday! How did she find me?! Doesn’t the internet shrink the world?

      Is there anything else you can tell us about your Ode to Morris quilt? How long did it take to make? What hand applique technique/s did you use? Do you use a hoop to hand quilt? Thanks again for visiting here, Katie!!! : )

  3. I can’t read the description, but I’m guessing that it is a tribute to William Morris. Hand appliquéd and hand quilted! Fabulous! I am really enjoying all your pictures. Thanks so much for sharing :).


    • Sally


      I came across your photo of Ode to Morris and had to comment. Katie Friesen, the maker of the quilt is a good friend of mine. We both are members of the Barnswallow Quilt guild in Morden Manitoba, Canada. It was inspired by the works of William Morris. I am glad you liked her quilt. She does wonderful work and has designed many others. see her work at …. The Quilters’ Jewel Quilt Store, in Morden Manitoba web site.
      Happy Quilting.

      • sewpam63

        Hello Sally! Thank you for the info. So…sew nice of you to stop by. Katie’s work IS beautiful! : ) I will have to check the Quilt Store and Guild too!

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