Heart’s Desire

by Deborah Kemball















Of ALL the gorgeous quilts at the Fall 2009 Houston Quilt Festival, this was/is my favorite.  Truly.  In my opinion, it is magnificent!!!  The absolute beauty in design, color, work(wo)manship shines through this quilt!  It is hand appliqued, hand embroidered, and hand quilted with some machine quilting and embroidery too.  This quilt has beads and crystals, but they are VERY artfully applied.  I love the rich, deep tones and the fine curvaceous lines in this quilt.  It is a delicate quilt.  I hope you enjoy it too!

Piecefully, Pam



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7 responses to “Heart’s Desire

  1. Debby Kemball

    Oh thanks Pam for your enthusiastic response! I really am SO glad you like the quilt. It’s such a fantastic bonus when a quilt I make touches someone else’s heart. I started making it because a friend of mine in Montreal was having a Red Alert Art exhibition (multi media) in February to cheer everyone up in the endless white snow and ice. Everything had to be in red. Well of course for February a heart was a fairly obvious choice but the central heart alone was much too big for her exhibition so I decided to make it bigger and to surround it with borders. It’s very typical of my style of work. I’m very inspired by the old chintzes of the 17th and 18th century and as a self taught quilter have come at applique design from a different angle from a more traditional quilter. I am a crazy fanatical quilter! I would sew all day if I could. This quilt took me four months (my longest to date) but probably took over 1000 hours of hand work. It has got hundreds of swarkowski (spelling?!) crystals sewn into it and lots of seed pearls. It IS a work of love but to be honest all my quilts are. Like many other quilters I am totally in love and obsessed with this medium. I only use my Bernina for the sawtooth borders. Everything else is by hand. I LOVE handquilting and hand applique (I belong in the dark ages!)….I wish I had got to Houston this year to see the show which looks just amazing this year. Hope maybe I’ll get to it next year – it’s an amazing show…. Keep quilting and keep blogging with your great site! Debs

    • sewpam63

      Deb – I am SO excited to be able to ‘talk’ with you here about your amazing quilt!!! May I ask a few more questions…?! What kinds of fabrics did you use? They look like hand dyes. Are they? Did you dye them?! That red background is positively stunning. It’s not TOO red. Yet it’s deep and rich! Did you paper piece those little sawtooth borders? And, the colors and fabric you chose for the sawtooth bordersSO…SEW worked! I don’t think I would have had the creativity nor insight to choose those colors. It REALLY adds a nice element to your quilt!!! And lastly (for now…!), what kind of Bernina do you use to machine piece? Thanks, Deb. ; )

      • Debby Kemball

        Hi Pam – I’ve been in Santiago, Chile so away for a while. The background is a tone on tone from a shop in Holland – it is a deep red chintz with over pattern of tulips and grapes. Sawtooth borders are foundation pieced…Bernina is nothing special, an old machine of about 15 – 20 years….A few hand dyes but not by me! I use commercial fabrics. If you send me your e mail address I’ll send you some other pictures of my work (but not for the web yet!!)

  2. Debby Kemball

    I am so thrilled with your compliments about my quilt!!! Thank you…But I have to tell you there is no machine quilting on it – it is all by hand!! Thank you so much for your kind comments I’m glad you like it! Best wishes Debby Kemball

    • sewpam63

      WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! Thanks for the correction and additional information Debby!!! It truly is a work of art and crafted with much LOVE!!!

      And, I thank YOU for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I feel honored!

  3. What a gorgeous quilt! I can see why it was your favorite! Thanks for sharing so many lovely and inspiring quilts one at a time so we could really study and enjoy them 🙂

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