Fall’s Fire

by Mary Arnold


















Another beautiful quilt that is ‘just right’ for this time of year.  I hope you enjoy this one too!  ; )

It’s been a long week and I am hopeful this week will be better.  Last week we had a mouse in our house, repointing of our brick  and the passing of a family patriarch.  I feel drained.

Piecefully, Pam



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4 responses to “Fall’s Fire

  1. I am sorry for your loss and the bad week.

    • sewpam63

      Thanks ladies for your kindness. Sunday morning, following a good night’s sleep, I was feeling improved. And, so…sew far this week has been mouse-free. Knock wood! We’re feeling better here at Mt. Pleasant. It’s less Mt. UnPleasant!

  2. Wow! When I opened the page, it looked like a photo of real leaves. Great colors!

    I am so sorry for your loss 😦 😦
    and the mouse 😦

  3. Beautiful quilt. So sorry about your bad week and the passing of someone close to you.

    Best wishes, Madeline

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