All in a week.

It has been something of a week here.  Seven days.  Jingle’s friend, Jake, is a celebrity!?  He has a starring role in a local elementary school’s production of Annie.  Word is, when Annie sings “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow!” Jake wags and thumps his tail in approval through her entire performance.  ; ) There have been not mouse, but MICE at work.  I am almost unhinged!!!  Seriously.  I am so NOT kidding.  I have been practicing my free motion quilting. Since I will be quilting my Flower Pots project, I thought I BETTER start practicing!!!  It’s been a really good outlet for my frustrated nervous mouse energy. Tomorrow IS Thanksgiving in our home.  We will be making a turkey with ALL the trimmings.

: D

Piecefully, Pam



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2 responses to “All in a week.

  1. sewpam63

    Cute story. : ) Glad it was rice and NOT mice…!

    I’m not familiar with black rice. How does it differ from brown rice?

  2. We had a mouse or two last winter and I just HATE it! A few weeks ago I spilled some black rice in the pantry and had trouble getting every last piece up as they went just everywhere. Apparently I spilled a little as I was tossing it in the trash under the sink as well. So, my husband saw a few pieces of black rice under the sink when he went to take out the trash and then a few pieces on the pantry floor, and was convinced we had a mouse problem (because of the “droppings”). LOL — it was hard to convince him that it was just rice.

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