My sashed Flower Pots block #6

is DONE!!!  : )  I have it pinned to the already constructed body of my Flower Pots quilt top and hope to finish sewing all 6 applique blocks and pieced sashing together this afternoon.  I have been continuing to work on my circle unit construction for the borders.  I have my borders folded and pressed in preparation for glue basting and then more hand applique.  I’m GETTING there!!!




Our turkey is in the oven.  : D  I made a sourdough and sausage stuffing with fresh picked rosemary.  Scott cut 2 small apples and a pear in half and I placed them down along the sides of my (Grand Mother’s) old roasting pan.  We also tied up 2 bundles of fresh parsley and rosemary and added them to the roaster too!  The stuffing is moistened with wine.  No eggs, no butter, no milk.  The remainder of the bottle of wine went into the bottom of the roaster too.  It’s beginning to SMELL good here!  I took my baked pineapple casserole out of the oven when the turkey went in.

I’m glad for today’s sunshine.  I hope you are enjoying your weekend too.  May it be delicious!?



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2 responses to “My sashed Flower Pots block #6

  1. Your flower pot block is just lovely! It’s not even lunchtime here and I am now wanting dinner and a glass of wine! Yes, I too can just imagine the smells. Your stuffing sounds really good!

  2. The Flower Pots look great! (I looked at them close up.) I can just imagine how good your house smells!

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