Giving thanks.

Here’s our turkey right from the oven.  And then our full plates.  It was delish.















And there was a VERY interested wanna-be-helper.









I got my Flower Pots quilt top assembled yesterday afternoon!!!  : )  It’s up on my design wall.  I will be choosing circle placement for the borders and then appliqueing the circle to the borders.  Four borders and forty circles!!!  Coming down home stretch, right…?!

Meanwhile, for a bit of a reprieve and to have some machine work to do, I think I am ready to return to this project.  The timing seems just right.  ; )









Enjoy today’s sunshine!  ; )

Piecefully, Pam




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2 responses to “Giving thanks.

  1. It makes me hungry just looking at the picture! Four borders and forty circles….yahoo! Love the Christmas quilt – can’t wait to see the borders on. Good luck with the mouse situation…..piece….

  2. Looks yummy! What a cute helper!

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