Happy Thanksgiving!

For those U.S. reader’s enjoy your turkey and family today!!!  : )  Count your blessings and give thanks.  Hmmm, shouldn’t we do this EVERY day and not just one day out of the whole year?!

I know of at least two people who are strategizing for tomorrow’s Black Friday escapade.  Anyone else taking their lives in their hands to brave the Malls tomorrow…?  Lists, coupons, map and alarm clock at the ready!  ; )

It’s rainy and dreary here.  I am about to start a pot of soup.  Turkey of course!  Whatever your day, whoever you spend it with, whatever your traditions may be I hope you enjoy it, feel blessed by it and it is my wish that you have some time to relax and take a few stitches today.  Breathe…because the Holiday fervor is about to strike!

Piecefully, Pam


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One response to “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Thank you, Pam! I try to be thankful everyday (works wonders on my attitude :), but I do feel especially thankful today to get to be with my family. We may get home a little earlier than usual this year, and if so, a little sewing may just be the perfect end to my day!

    And I will not be going anywhere near a store tomorrow! I’ve never been that crazy or brave :).

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