It went from Autumn to Winter overnight!

Brrr!!!  It’s windy and COLD here today!  So, yesterday was Thanksgiving and Autumn, but today it’s the Christmas Season and Winter.  It’s a GOOD thing I made a b-i-g kettle of soup yesterday!!!  I used my soup stock from our Thanksgiving turkey to make turkey vegetable with brown rice, barley and red lentil soup.  It is yummy goodness, especially on a day like today.  : D

Meanwhile, I did do some sewing yesterday and a bit of stitching today too.  I expect to do even more!!!  HoOrAy!

And, we have been doing a bit of decorating here at Mt. Pleasant too.  The little holly tree out front has LED lights that make it glow in the evening, and remember saving Santa from last year?  Well, he’s on the front porch looking right jolly!  ; )

May the start of your Holiday Season be magical…

Piecefully, Pam


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3 responses to “It went from Autumn to Winter overnight!

  1. arlijohn

    You’re sooo right Pam. Winter, ugh. Time for lots of bright cheerful fabrics now.

  2. Oh, good for you for making homemade stock and soup. I haven’t made stock in years! Today I am deep cleaning and then at least starting to decorate for Christmas. Starting is the hardest part, which is probably why I am still online….

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