Tomorrow is Bunny Hill

# 12…  This is a good thing, but a sad thing too…  Regardless, I’m looking forward to what Anne has in store?!

We’re all tucked in here at Mt. Pleasant.  We have a loaf of bread and milk too.  Yep, they’re calling for snow tomorrow!  It’s already started here on the blog.

The mistletoe arrived in today’s mail.  Good timing, no?  ; )  And, we are planning to put up our little vintage silver Christmas tree tomorrow.

Right now, carols are playing, candles are aglow and there is peace and piece!  Eight circles sewn, two more to complete border #1.  Progress and forward momentum!

Plus, there’s Christmas cards, poinsettias, wrapping, wreaths, cookie baking and Holiday shopping too.  I have to admit just how GRATEFUL I am for ALL of this.  I spent a difficult shift with Police, EMT’s and an overdose…

Count your blessings, but FEEL them too!  Appreciate this time of year and do not succumb to the frenetic bustle.  Breathe.  Stitch and be pieceful -ly!

xo, Pam


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