Royal Mail.

Until this week I have never received an international package.  Imagine my delight when this box was in today’s mail!

This is what was inside…

Twinkle-toe DeLiGhTeD!!!  : )

The sort of heathered color that you see IS the fabric.  The warp and the weft use different colored threads.  The warp is one set color, but the weft is twelve different colors done in a repeat.  As far as I understand, this process is unique to the Oakshott family and their quilting cottons.  The result is this subtle gentle depth and richness of color.  And, the fabrics have an amazing sheen that does not wash out when laundered.  They are ABSOLUTELY delicious!!!

Quilter’s Newsletter magazine did a nice article about the Oakshott family and their cottons in issue #392 May 2007 page 58.  Check it out.  Check out the Oakshott website too, it’s been under my shopping link since the inception of this blog!

I’ve known about Oakshott cottons for probably four years now.  I first spotted it (and BOUGHT some) at one of the Lancaster Quilt Shows.  Pinwheels carries Oakshott cottons, but she mostly specializes in Daiwabo’s and has a limited supply of Oakshotts available.

I can’t say enough good things about this cotton!!! My transatlantic interaction went smoothly and I highly recommend it to anyone!  Michael Oakshott is a pleasure to do business with.  : )  They are a small company that makes an exceptional product and they provide OUTSTANDING customer service!!!  GO! Shop! Make a list for Santa…?!

Piecefully, Pam

P.S.  They also are a Green company.  The dyeing methods they employ are earth conscious, friendly and safe.  I LOVE that!!!  They practice fair trade too.



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5 responses to “Royal Mail.

  1. Hi Pam
    Our mutual friend Cathy told me about the Oakshott shot cottons and how much you enjoy them! Have you just ordered them through their website – I couldn’t find shipping prices and then read that it is not open to retail selling?
    Love the ethics of the company and would love to get some lovely fabric down to Australia! Any other ideas? I am looking for shot cotton for a particular project and this could be the one.

    • sewpam63

      Bron – you will LOVE these shot cottons!!! Send an email via the Oakshott website. That’s what I did. Michael is lovely to work with…very kind, helpful and generous. Let me know how it goes or if I can be of help?! Best wishes and thanks for dropping by my blog. ; )

  2. Gorgeous! They arrived fairly quickly, too.

  3. Oooh these fabrics look fabulous Pam, lucky you. Thanks for the link to the Oakshott family, I haven’t heard of them before, might have to take my credit card out for a trip!! xo

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