Thursday evenings

are reserved for machine quilting practice.  Sometimes I practice machine quilting on other days too.  Last time I practiced I did NOT have a good session.  It seemed like everything I was learning had left my brain, my hands, my foot and my sewing machine.  So…sew, I was not especially motivated to practice last evening.  Then…I was emailed photos from my Flower Pots students!!!  Feeling encouraged, I set aside my doubts and went to my sewing machine and practiced!!!  Thanks gals.  : )  I NEEDED that!

A FAR cry from Diane Gaudynski, I will NOT improve nor learn if I don’t try, if I don’t practice.  So, my tension is not good, and my stitch length needs work, but I am beginning to feel a rhythm.  I am trying to figure out the syncronization between my hands, my right foot, the speed and sound of my sewing machine while attempting to override my brains willingness to hiccup, pause or think.

Here’s my practice from last evening…

Happy TGIF!  ; )

Piecefully, Pam



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2 responses to “Thursday evenings

  1. Lori

    Hi Pam,
    Your practice looks great. I like the clamshells. They would be a nice background filler. Mission impossible from your previous post is crazy!! I can’t in my wildest dreams imagine even attempting that!!
    I am going thru a little quilting withdrawal. With the work being done around here, there’s no sewing being done. I still have the hand sew the 2 bindings on the quilts I did down the shore. Will you be at bee this week. I want you to see my machine quilting on the 1 quilt. Maybe I’ll have the binding sewn on. I can keep warm under the quilt while sewing. It’s quite chilly in our downstairs due to the 2 not so energy efficient temporary walls on the back of the house!! I have to have my sewing room empty by Monday! Yikes!!
    Looking forward to seeing you soon. I feel like I haven’t seen you in ages!!!!
    Keep warm!

  2. Jean Burke

    Cool patterns – keep up the good work. It’s like getting the feel for driving a stick shift car – but with nicer results!!! Have a nice weekend…piece.

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