Candle light

at 11:0’clock in the morning…?!  Yep!  It is grey, icy, dreary and wet here!  Jingle and I had a slip ‘n slide kind of walk this morning.  Both of us!  Being a quadruped was not an advantage today.  So, we’re dried off and tucked in!  Scott made mugs of hot cocoa, there are Christmas carols playing and candles softly glowing…at 11:0’clock!  ; )  It’s Christmas bliss.

I am SO thankful for warm, dry dog walking clothes to wear!  There’s a LOT to be said for a hat, gloves and scarf!  Then, returning to a warm, dry, loving and welcoming home…well, there’s NOTHING like it!  I feel especially blessed and thankful.

We are just about ready for our holiday extravaganza with Momma Barb next weekend.  Gifts are wrapped and festooned!  ; )  She MUST have been good this year!  ; )

In preparation for that visit, I made CoOkIeS yesterday afternoon!!!  Let’s see…’healthy’ peanut butter oatmeal with m&m’s, Scottish shortbread, and gingersnaps.  I mixed up, but haven’t yet baked chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter kisses too.  Do you have an especially favorite cookie that you bake this time of year?

Oh!  And, our mistletoe is HERE!!!  We’ve been using it!  ; )  It’s excellent!!!

I hope you are warm, dry and filled with the magic of the Season too!  ; )

Piecefully, Pam


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3 responses to “Candle light

  1. Sounds so cozy and comfortable!

  2. Debby Kemball

    Well it’s white and snowy here but we’re just packing up to fly south (like the geese!) for a few weeks. Today is the epitome of a Quebec winter’s day – very beautiful and very Christmassy…..
    I’ll check on your blog when I can in Santiago, meanwhile wish you the happiest Christmas and wonderful 2010 with LOTS of quilting. Debs

    • sewpam63

      Much LOVE Debs!!! Have the MeRrIeSt of Christmas festivities on the Beach!!! ; ) Safe travels and much MAGIC to YOU and yours!!!

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