The last seam has been sewn.  It will no longer fit on the design wall.  : )  I’m going to pour myself a glass of wine!

Piecefully, Pam


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9 responses to “Enfin!

  1. Well, it’s been a few days, but go ahead and have another glass of wine with me. Here’s to you, Pam, on a fabulous finish! How will you top this with the whole year ahead of you (LOL). Congratulations!


  2. Oh WOW Pam, congratulations!!! What a huge effort and it looks fabulous. You must be thrilled to be finished. Doesn’t it look fantastic on the bed? Have you decided how you will quilt it yet? xo

  3. kay

    Truly beautiful. Two glasses of wine, at least!

  4. Congratulations! This is gorgeous!

  5. Consuelo

    F’in unbelievable. Pour yourself many more than one….

  6. Fabuleux! Incroyable! Quite an achievement! Piece….

  7. Congratulations, I’d be popping a wine cork too. Fabulous and gorgeous.

  8. you deserve one! Nice and big! It’s fabulous

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