Sock it

to me!?  ; )  I’ve had quite a bit of buzz over my recent Sock Monkey posts.  Here are some links from the web that I used as inspiration.

Here’s a link to Super Sock Monkey

How ’bout a DIY Sock Monkey

or a Sock Monkey tutorial from Web*Goddess

and from Susan in New Zealand, Sock Monkey 101 plus a Flickr photo of her Sock Monkey too!  ; )

Then of course there was the Sock Monkey that Lois made for me too!  ; )

Have a ball!!!  Wouldn’t an argyle monkey be FuN!?!?!?

Piecefully, Pam



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4 responses to “Sock it

  1. Love the sock monkeys. My aunt used to make those. Now *I* want one!

  2. Fun fun fun! Looking forward to seeing the argyle monkey join your troop of monkeys!

  3. Jean Burke

    Thanks for the links – very helpful!!!!

  4. Sock monkeys are just so darn cute! But I think I will content myself with admiring yours for now. It’s still January and my list of projects keeps mounting! And, yes, an argyle monkey would be adorable.


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