The most amazing

class and students…  : )  Without being consciously aware of the fact, I experienced another ‘Enfin’ last evening.  I taught the final Flower Pots class.  What an odyssey this project has been.  I have been so/sew impressed with the women I worked with.  I don’t believe the wonderment has completely sunk in yet.  If you are a member of the Piecefully Hand Applique Yahoo Group, click and check out the 11 NEW photos!!!  Hurry up!!!

I have almost finished pin basting my Santa’s Blessing quilt top.  : )  Hopefully, this weekend it will be ready to begin free motion quilting?!  What color thread will I use…?!

I need to get batting for my Pastel Bubbles project.  What batt to choose?!  Quilter’s Dream Green?  Bamboo?  Organic?  Cotton?  And, what color thread will I use to quilt it…?!

I am hoping for some time to maybe just ‘veg’ and surf the myriad of FUN blogs this weekend.  I’m looking forward to that!!!  : )  I need to catch up on email too!

Enjoy your evening and have a HAPPY tomorrow!  Take a few stitches when you get the chance!

Piecefully, Pam


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