Tomorrow or

next week…who’s to say?!  I NEED to buy quilt batting, some homespuns and a few other items on my ‘list.’  I am thinking Road Trip!  Any takers?!  Tomorrow or next week?!  Bee girls/students/interested quilters/others…chime in…!?!?!?

The weather is to be gorgeous tomorrow!  : )  I already have laundry prepped in the washer with the expectation of hanging it on my lines (before I go)…?!

I will be up, relatively early, to start the wash and walk Jingle.  You can feel free to call, leave a message a comment, or shoot me an email.  I’ll check and decide on a plan tomorrow morning…?!

This evening, after walking Jingle, I finished pin basting my Santa’s Blessings quilt.  : )  Haven’t quite made up my mind about thread color/choices though…

I need to get batt for my Pastel Bubbles project…


Piecefully, Pam



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2 responses to “Tomorrow or

  1. I’ve been away for a few days and just returned. I would have loved to have gone with you!

  2. Pam – have a nice drive….I can’t go – we’re going to a sail club movie event. The day looks lovely….enjoy!

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