Free motion

Monday?!  Is that legal?  I’ve been doing it on a Thursday.  Well, I ditch quilted the Santa’s Blessings quilt yesterday afternoon and am getting ready to *think* about doing some echo quilting.  I’ll practice on a sandwich first.  Then I’ll take a deep breath, put the ‘real’ quilt under my presser foot and plunge in…!!!

But first things first.  I need to walk Jingle, thankfully NOT in the rain!  Whew – how ’bout today’s weather?!  And I’ll have a bit of sustenance too.  Dinner. Probably the last of that yummy lasagna.  : D

And, you guys saw the sock monkeys I was making.  Well, I didn’t give the only CuTe gift at that baby shower!  Check out THIS one!!!  ; )  Clever!!!  And, a GOOD idea that you can use in the future too…?!

Enjoy your evening.  Keep dry.  And, take a few stitches when you can!

Piecefully, Pam


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