At the end

of a long work week (please, don’t make me talk about the norovirus or tape worms.  Please!) there is NO place like home!!!  Commitment, planning and love make our home a place of welcome refuge.  We had morning appointments and evening meetings this week.  Sleep was compromised.  We got bad news from two different friends.  It’s Winter and it’s bleak, without the addition of bad news…

Jingle received a phone call this evening prior to our walk.  Because of the COLD weather his girlfriend wanted to arrange a play date following our evening walk.  Thankfully the wind settled.  I have never been so grateful for silk long underwear and a warm hat, scarf and gloves.  Coming home after Jingle’s walk and date, lighted candles, warm soup and a loving husband awaited us.  It doesn’t get any better than that.  I am SO grateful!!!

Be warm, contented and feel the LOVE!  Give thanks!!!  EVERY day.

Piecefully, Pam

P.S.  Use you OWN yardstick to measure happiness and success…!!!


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  1. Your home sounds like a wonderful place. Stay warm today!

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