Yep.  I completed my Santa’s Blessings quilt this evening.  : )  So, either I am way behind or way ahead…?!  Seeing the glass as “half full”…I opt for the way ahead perspective!  I hope to take pix tomorrow, in the daylight, and post.

While the quilt batt for my Pastel Bubbles project is relaxing, I have returned to another old and on hold project, Kaffe Fassett’s Vibrant Diamonds.  During the week I got out the parts and pieces of this project.  I assembled the diamonds into rows, collected, stacked and labeled them.  This evening, I began machine piecing.  It’s kind of nice to have a ‘simple’ go to project!

This weekend I plan to begin basting Pastel Bubbles, and working on the next Bunny Hill Snowbound block!?!?!?  ; )  I LOVE to sew!!!

Piecefully, Pam



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2 responses to “Finished?!

  1. Gorgeous! There really is something about Kaffe fabric.

  2. That Kaffe quilt is going to be gorgeous – so vibrant. and I see a few ATATs up there on the design wall with it – they will be a gorgeous quilt, too. Amazingly, so far I’m on track with the Snowbound BOM (haha only 1 month in) but still have to finish off my ATAT.
    Congrats on getting your Santa’s Blessings done early!

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