Are you ready?!

They’re calling for a Winter storm with significant accumulation (that stupid Punxsutawney Phil!!!).  Supposedly, the white stuff is to begin falling tomorrow afternoon.  So, if you haven’t already picked up your milk and bread…RUN!!!  The media hype makes me feel frenzied.  To counter that, I’ve decided to feel pleased about having such a GREAT weekend for staying home to sew!!!  : )  Absolutely guilt-free!  See, it’s just a matter of perspective.  Right…?!

I will quite happily and VERY appropriately work on my (due out tomorrow!!!) Bunny Hill Snowbound block for February!!!  I’ll work on basting Pastel Bubbles and piecing Vibrant Diamonds.  : )  Sounds like a weekend of white bliss if you ask me!!!  I also have another sock monkey prepped…

Meanwhile, Momma Barb and Karen really know how to plan!  They left Wednesday morning for a cruise!!!  They’re going to be basking in the sun, sewing and shopping while we’re shivering…

So, I have my crock pot filled with a hearty pasta sauce just waiting to be plugged in!  ; )  There’s also soup in the planning.  And, I do have milk and bread.

I’m looking forward to the weekend.  ; )  Being snowbound doesn’t sound so bad after all?!  May your weekend be cozy, safe and fun!

Piecefully, Pam



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6 responses to “Are you ready?!

  1. Your Santas Blessings quilt looks goregoeus. I love the colours. Thanks for showing it

  2. LA

    Hi Pam,

    Sounds like a great weekend!!! Enjoy! Missed you this week…hope to see you soon.

  3. Jean Burke

    Bring it on…..I have stacks of fabrics to be cut! Bread and milk in the house – and butter to make cookies – we’re ready. Be safe and enjoy! Piece….

  4. sewpam63

    Deborah – fabric and beads sound perfect! ; ) Have fun!!!

    Joan – it’s a Quilting Cruise and they are AWESOME! You may have to try one sometime…?!

  5. Stay cozy! I’ve never even really wanted to go on a cruise, but it sounds kind of nice right now.

  6. Stay warm and have fun quilting! (I prepared for the snow by buying more fabric and beads.)

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