Take a look…

This was our road at 8:30 this morning

Over at the school...which is to the right, but barely visible!

Alright, I've had enough! Let's go INside!

SNOWbound BOM #2

Both Snowbound blocks sew far! ; )

Stay safe and warm…SEW!!!  We have over 18 inches so far and it’s continuing to come down…at a rate of TWO inches an hour!?

Piecefully, Pam



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4 responses to “SNOWbound!!!

  1. Hi, Pam. I came back here by accident. I didn’t know you replied on your blog rather than by email. I wonder how many replies I’ve missed….

    I need the pants sooner than that, and I really need to try them on. And yes, I’m planning on getting some handwork ready for tomorrow, so I can enjoy the family and at least be with them.

    • sewpam63

      I do actually reply on the blog. Not always though. It just sort of depends… No worries. : ) I’m sure you haven’t missed that much from me!

      Happy pants shopping. A year or two ago I went to a few stores, tried on pants, figured out what sizes I wore according to which store and now I shop online.

      Have fun tomorrow…stitching, food, family, friends and football!

  2. Stay inside, stay warm, and keep stitching!

    It has taken me the last few hours to catch up on blogs! Whew! Now I have to buy new pants (not looking forward to that) and food for the Super Bowl tomorrow (not really looking forward to that either).

    • sewpam63

      Can you buy the pants online?!

      Do you have a sewing project ready for tomorrow? At least you can do something FUN and productive while feigning interest…?

      I’ll be inside ’til the next bout of snow blowing and dog walking. Brrrr…

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