To Bee

or not to Bee?!  I am SEW glad it was to Bee!!!  : )  Last evening I got together with my Bee peeps.  Ahhh.  A shot of estrogen, no snow fall and fabric.  Life is GOOD.  Thanks, girls!!!

1. I needed some suggestions on how to quilt my Pastel Bubbles project.  I finished pin basting it last weekend and it’s been waiting…  Thanks for the ideas!!!

2. They praised my Santa’s Blessing finished quilt.  That’s ALWAYS nice.  Makes ya feel good.  ; )

3. They NOTICED and LIKED my hair!!!  THAT’S an added bonus!!!

Due to weather, health and sundry other conflicts there hadn’t been a Bee for weeks.  Last evening, not everyone was there – Happy Birthday to Mo’s “baby”! Lois – Hope you’re feeling better.  How’s Susie?!  Lor – How’s the addition going…especially during this brutal weather?!  Dolores – what FABULOUS things have you been whipping up?!

It was GOOD to see what fun and amazing things everyone else is working on.  To share family tales.  And to drink from the Ya-Ya Sister fount.  Thanks…I NEEDED that!!!

TGIF all.  Enjoy your weekend…sewing, Olympics, family and whatever may be on your agenda.  : )

Piecefully, Pam



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4 responses to “To Bee

  1. Sounds like a fun group!

  2. Consuelo

    Hair?!? Did I see a mention of new hair? And I, the Fashionista Mama missed it? I surely hope someone thought to take a picture and that it will be posted ASAP! Can’t wait to see it!

    • sewpam63

      Uh, NO!!! That would be a terrible idea. Me and my hair on the internet?!?!?! Drop by to SEE my hair in person and my Flower Pots quilt too, Mo. You have an open invitation. ; )

  3. Lori

    Pam–Sorry I missed bee last night.Sounds like I missed alot of fun. The addition is going. Never as fast as you would like. Just can’t wait until it’s finished. The drywall is up so that makes it feel like we are getting there. Still so much of a mess and DIRT!!!I wipe things off and the next day it looks like it hasn’t been touched in weeks. Oh well it will be worth it in the end. Have a nice weekend.

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