Weekend, glorious weekend!

: )  It remains cold here with some wind too, but it’s not bitter and blustery.  The sun is shining and it FEELS good!!!  Jingle and I had a nice walk this morning. When we arrived back home we shoveled a path to the composter.  Whew!

Last evening I worked to prepare for this evening’s meal.  Scott did his part this morning while me and the dog were out.  Tonight for dinner we’ll be having bar-b-qued ribs, with homemade mac and cheese, bok choy and fresh pineapple.  I’m already drooling!  I make thrice baked ribs.  They have as little fat as possible, but they taste oh so yummy!  Scott makes the homemade mac and cheese.  ; )  It’s a team effort!!!

I have wash in the dryer and things are realitively tidied up around here.  So…sew…I traced a design on my Pastel Bubbles quilt sandwich.  I’m going to do some practice/warm-up fmq’ing and then ‘real’ fmq’ing!?!?!?  See, that previous post was inspiration and motivation!  ; )

I hope you are having a fabulous weekend too!  Go sew!!!

Piecefully, Pam


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  1. I’m getting hungry just reading about it! We think it may have been a few years, but we’re actually thinking about going to the movies tonight. Have a nice weekend!

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