Rain, rain go

away…and we DON’T want any snow either!!!  Ugh.  The Winter doldrums and cabin fever are lurking around the corner.  Another winter storm warning has been posted and they are calling for significant accumulation.  : P  This will be our 4th major snow storm this Winter.  The 3rd this month!?!?!?  CrAzY.

At the Houston Quilt Festival in October I bought something I LOVED.  : )  It was an impulse purchase.  I don’t have many of those.  Seriously.  Afterward  it hit me…This isn’t going to fit in my suitcase-I’m going to have to carry this on the plane-Oh brother!?  It suddenly seemed very foolish of me…  Yesterday it helped to brighten my day!  ; )  Today I’m thinking…I wonder if snow shovels can be made to look this fun…?!

Wherever you may be…enjoy YOUR day!  Keep it safe and be warm.

Piecefully, Pam


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  1. I love this photo of both the umbrella and your cat!

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