Olympic binding.

I worked to finish quilting circles on my Pastel Bubbles project…so I could machine stitch the binding in place…so I could whip stitch binding to the back while watching the Olympics this evening!!!  : )

I make and machine stitch a hanging sleeve to the back of a quilt when I machine stitch the binding to the front.  That way, I only have to whip stitch the bottom of the hanging sleeve to the quilt back.  Do you do this too?  I also use my walking foot (not necessary if you have a dual feed machine!) to sew my binding to the front.  Do you use yours?  It makes sewing through all those layers SEW much less frustrating!

I used a marking tool today that I especially liked.  I’ve used it before.  But today, it was quite helpful!  I used the Bohin chalk marking pencil.  It comes with multiple colored chalks that are easy to swap out.  It also comes with it’s own sharpener.  Today, I needed to use more than one colored chalk to mark some circles.  I could easily do that with the Bohin marker.  I also needed to sharpen the chalk and held my breath thinking, “This isn’t going to work…”, but it did! So, it’s my new favorite marking pencil!  Plus, the chalk brushes out pretty easily.

Bohin chalk marker set

I have more whip stitching to do tomorrow.  So/sew…GO Team USA!!!  ; )

Piecefully, Pam


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