In a funk.

This l-o-n-g Winter has got me down.  Snow piles remain.  We’ve had a grey kind of week.  So, I’ve begun trying to notice positive changes indicating Spring is indeed coming…

1. It’s not pitch black when I walk Jingle before dinner.  This means I don’t have to put his blinker on him at the start of our walk.

2. I’m not having to wear long underwear while walking Jingle, nor snow pants.

3. In the morning, I hear birds singing.  That’s glorious!

There is good weather in our immediate forecast and I feel hopeful.  : )  My garden is completely snow covered, soI’m considering starting some seeds indoors.  Once I began quilting I became less of an avid gardener.  I may need to make an exception…?!

Meanwhile, I haven’t progressed with or committed to any new fabric choices for my pieced Bunny Hill Snowbound blocks yet.  I also need to cut some diamonds for the Vibrant Diamonds project I’m working on, but I haven’t done that either.  I have half the Pastel Bubbles binding done and a bunch of thread tails to tuck in yet!  See, it’s the Winter blah-blah-blah-blahs…  : /

I did make a little mug mat and practiced more fmq’ing.  There’s been some sewing!

May your day have a ray of sunshine…or two!  ; )

Piecefully, Pam



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2 responses to “In a funk.

  1. Jean Burke

    The mug is way cute!!!! There is definitely more light – very hopeful sign……enjoy this coming weeknd – a taste of spring. Piece…..

  2. Your fmqing is looking fantastic, and that is one cute mug. Despite the title of your post, you do seem very hopeful. Spring has a way of doing that.

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