Glory be!!!

We had a wonderful visit with Momma Barb over the weekend!  : )  We got to see the renovations at her new place and they’re AWESOME!!!  And, we all continue to await the new arrival…?!  Hilary is feeling good, the baby is healthy and there is talk of inducing, but Hilary REALLY doesn’t want that.  So…for now, we wait.  She is a week overdue and has some complicating factors.  If you wouldn’t mind sending a bit of + juju or a prayer…we’re hoping for natural childbirth, not being induced and NO c-section!  I’m keeping my fingers crossed, my toes too!

Meanwhile, Scott & I are enjoying Spring Break!!!  There does in fact seem to be a bit of Spring in our air!  : )  Finally!!!  Yesterday we did a bit of outdoor work and we did more again today.  It FEELS terrific!!!  Oh my goodness, to d-i-g- in the dirt!!!  : )  Can I just tell you how magical that is?!?!?!  Two of my garden beds have thawed.  I cleaned them up and even planted sugar snap pea seeds this afternoon!!!

I also sat outside in the sunshine and finished the hand stitching on my Pastel Bubbles quilt!!!  Truly, a GlOrIoUs day!!!  No photos yet, as I want to launder it tomorrow and hang it on the washline.  I’ll show you a pix after it’s all puckery and delicious!  ; )

Believe it or not, I did wash today and hung it out to dry…and it DID!!!  More of that tomorrow for sure!

I have to drive up to Hinkletown tomorrow to pick up my sewing machine.  I dropped it off on our way to Momma Barb’s on Saturday afternoon.  It was overdue for its annual service and spa treatment.  I know she (Gertrude) will be purring in the studio tomorrow evening!  I’m going to stop at Sauder’s en route.  They’re having a sale and it ends tomorrow.  I know most are busy or working, but if anyone feels inclined, is available or wishes to take a ‘sick day’ you’re invited along and welcome to join me!  I am planning to leave around 10 A.M. and will return whenever…I can be home before the kids come home from school!  ; )

Enjoy your afternoon!  I NEED to go bathe, there’s dirt under my fingernails!  Shh, don’t tell.  ; )

Piecefully, Pam

A sneak peek of Momma Barb's new kitchen...

Here's another look at that spectacular kitchen...



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2 responses to “Glory be!!!

  1. Cathy

    Sending prayers for the arrival of the new baby. Enjoy your spring break. Mama Barb’s looks great.
    Have a safe trip!!

  2. Jean Burke

    A perfect week to have spring break!! Enjoy – wish I could make the trek to Sauders….put on your favorite tunes and open the windows! Have fun…..piece. Looking forward to the baby news – Barb’s place looks great! See you….

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