As Spring Break

comes to a close here’s a look back at the week…we celebrated a belated Birthday with Momma Barb, who became Mimi Barb : ) on the 9th when Rocco was born!!! Early in the week the weather was BEAUTIFUL and I did laundry and hung it on my lines.  Said wash included two recently completed and newly laundered quilts!  I gardened and got some seeds sown for a different kind of sowing…!  ; )  My (Gertrude) sewing machine went in for annual service and is sewing like a dream. I settled on fabrics and colors to make the pieced blocks for my Snowbound project.  And, when the weather turned cloudy and rainy we headed here and took in this wonderful FABULOUS exhibit!!!

It’s been a full and happy week!  We turned our clocks ahead an hour which means it will stay lighter longer…perhaps Jingle won’t need to wear a blinker for our evening walks!?  : )  It seems as though the rain has let up for a bit and I have caught a few glimpses of Spring around our home…bulbs pushing up through the soil, pussy willows nearly ready to burst forth and birds SINGING!!!  Anon…Spring IS springing!!!  : )

Enjoy the rest of your day!  I’m heading back to Gertrude with Snowbound bits and pieces…perhaps I’ll put together an hourglass tutorial?!

Piecefully, Pam


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