Hippity, Hoppity

it is a GORGEOUS Friday!!!  ; )  TGIF everyone!!!  We’re to have nothing but beautiful sunshiny warm weather this weekend and I couldn’t be more pleased!!!

It will be GREAT for Easter Egg Hunts, family gathers, Easter bonnets and the like.  ; )  Scott and I are planning to paint eggs.  Yep, we’re a couple of big kids. The best part is, afterwards, we have Egg Fights!  It’s a tradition Scott and his brother had as kids growing up and one we’ve continued in our own home.  I’ve been planning how I’m going to paint my eggs.  It’s a very serious endeavor…!  Last year I lost the Egg Fights, after MANY years of victory, so I need to put my game face on and paint some powerful eggs!

Meanwhile, I didn’t think much about it ’til seeing so/sew many cute homemade Easter decorations on the web.  Decades ago I made felt bunnies.  I ALWAYS had an interest in sewing, just no means.  I bought a couple felt squares and made 4 bunnies.  I embroidered their faces, stitched them together and stuffed them with cotton balls.  They’ve been through many moves and transitions with me.  I’ve kept them ’cause they mean something to me.  I’ve come a very long way…

Happy Easter to you and yours.  Peace and

Piecefully, Pam



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2 responses to “Hippity, Hoppity

  1. Lori

    I love the bunnies. Very cute. Good luck in the egg fights! I also enjoyed your comments on the show. You’re right. There’s no pleasing everyone. I thought the quilts were beautiful. Much better than the Heritage shows. Very nicely put. Have a nice Easter weekend! It looks like it will be beautiful. We have my MIL situated so we are headed to the shore.

  2. Love your little bunnies – they are so cute! Good luck with your Egg Fight, and enjoy that fabulous weather.

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