Bunny Hill for Easter…

Six down, six more to go.  I’m not sure Diane Gaudynski would be impressed.  I know it’s not outstanding fmq’ing, but I’m doing it, and it’s getting done, and I’m learning!  I’m fmq’ing in between chores.  Clean the bathroom, break and quilt a block, scrub tile, break and quilt a block, vacuum the 2nd floor, break and quilt a block, vacuum the 1st floor, break and quilt a block.  ; )  I’m having a productive day!  How’s yours going?!

Piecefully, Pam



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5 responses to “Bunny Hill for Easter…

  1. sewpam63

    Thanks gals for your positive feedback! I REALLY appreciate it, plus you help keep me motivated. I’ve got the blocks finished, and will work to get the sashing and borders quilted too!

  2. Your blocks all look lovely! I still have to applique the last two blocks….But, last week, when I should have been doing something else, I finished my Irish chain blocks which I’m using for setting…….So there IS hope! I like the way you operate, quilt a block, mop the floor, quilt another block, make the beds! I do exactly the same thing.

  3. Debby Kemball

    LOVELY QUILTING!!! If your cleaning is as good, things are looking wonderful in your neck of the woods! Huge congrats – I am dead impressed. Debs

  4. It’s looking great! I love your cobwebs – perfect for October, and your work schedule is getting a lot of things done. I have a hard time getting up from my machine to do other things once I’m settled in, as the FMQing is way more fun than the housework!

  5. Well, I’m impressed! Love the quilting for October — just perfect!

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