And this is how it started…

with a bookmark.

I had seen Bonnie’s work at some quilt shows.  I had a vague familiarity with her style.  I was drawn to her use of color, quilt motifs, and WORDS!!!  While attending my very first Houston Quilt Festival, during the preview hours of opening night, I wandered up and down the vendor isles.  It was a LOT to take in.  I was listening to my iPod for a bit of peace and balance.  I came across Quilters Covenant at the BBD Creation booth and began to cry.  It was ridiculous. Embarrassing even.  The piece resonated with me.  It spoke to my soul and touched my heart.  It was amazing and a little scary.  I bought the art print and gave it as a Christmas gift to my husband.  It hangs in our studio.

At the Hershey Quilt Odyssey, coming up on two years ago now, I bought a mermaid book mark from Bonnie.  L-o-n-g story short.  She is creating a 24 x 36 inch mermaid for us!!!  This has been such a cool journey.  We have NEVER done anything like this before.  We have been working with Bonnie in the development, evolution and creation of our mermaid.  There have been sketches, questions, drawings, conversations, etc.

We received a call from Bonnie last week.  The mermaid is nearing completion!!!  Be still my heart!!!  We can hardly wait!!!  It will probably be another 4 – 6 weeks…  Here is the bookmark that started it all.

Quilting has been the most interesting journey.

Piecefully, Pam

P.S.  Bonnie and her husband, George, are at the threshold of a new beginning.  Bonnie will be at the Chicago Quilt Festival this week.  If you are going, stop by and wish her and George the best, and tell her Pam and Scott say, “Hi!”



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2 responses to “And this is how it started…

  1. Her work is fantastic! Thanks for introducing her.

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