Kim McLean quilt love

on Flickr?!  Yep!  ; )  I decided to start a NEW group on Flickr for Kim McLean enthusiasts and fans.  Check it out here.  Please join, post photos, leave comments, start discussions and most of all spread the word!!!  Thanks, hope to see you and your work there…!?!?!?

Piecefuly, Pam



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6 responses to “Kim McLean quilt love

  1. Kim McLean

    Wow, I’m so humbled! Stumbled on this page, don’t quite know how – but I’m glad I did.
    Love your quilt Pam and I just love the fabrics you’ve chosen. It is really stunning! It didn’t take that long did it – one section at a time and before you know it, its done. I’ll keep watching your site, I just love seeing the quilts that have been done from my designs. They have so much energy in them. Congratulations on the completion of your quilt – what’s next? Cheers, Kim McLean

  2. Stroke of genius Pam, I’ll be definitely joining in. Thanks for setting it up.

  3. What a great idea! I’m quilting on one of her designs now. 🙂

  4. Great idea for a Flickr group. I joined a little bit ago 🙂

  5. Kim McLeans patterns are beautiful! Your quilt is stunning. I am sure this flickr group will be a success. I am going to e-mail my friend about it. She has one she may want to share.

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