Used as an adjective:  heroiclarger-than-life.

I do not have children.  But, I DO care.  If you haven’t yet signed Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution petition, I implore you to do so…NOW – please!  Please. Please?  It really does matter.  It is our future.  THE future…  Think about it and be honest.

Cooked with REAL ingredients, with love!  That ‘with love’ is the BEST part!  Not that REAL ingredients isn’t important too.  But, if you cook with love, it implies you care, and if you care, you would choose to cook with REAL ingredients!!!

If you can read, you CAN cook!  Trust me.  I KNOW!

Epic.  Kim McLean…let me say that again, Kim McLean(!!!) commented on my blog…?!  Be still my heart.


Enjoy your weekend.  My cut finger IS healing.  It isn’t severed nor continuing to bleed.  I finished the label for Rocco’s quilt.  ; )  Tomorrow we go to visit my Mom.  Prayers.  Peace.  Grace.

Love to ALL of you!

Piecefully, Pam


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2 responses to “Epic.

  1. How exciting, now Kim can keep track of her designs being made up. Praise well deserved. Once upon a time, we all cooked with real ingredients. There’s a saying, “don’t eat what your grandmother wouldn’t recognise”.

  2. OMG! that is EPIC! Congrats to you!
    and I agree with real food made with love – I’ve been trying really hard to limit the processed food I bring into the house. We’re feeling much better, and I’m losing weight without really trying, as there is so much less sugar and fat being consumed, not to mention those un-pronounceable chemicals. It is truly amazing!

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