Lilacs blooming

in my yard make for a quick and easy flower arrangement.  While Scott walked Jingle this morning I cut lilacs.  This is the first year we got blooms from our white lilac.  I’m enjoying them most especially.

I want to thank you for the kind and gentle support you’ve shown me, for the stories you’ve shared with me and for your tolerance, acceptance and understanding. I didn’t expect it and was simply amazed.  I feel a bit embarrassed and awkward.  I am not going to delete the post from the 17th…it is a reminder.

Piecefully, Pam



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4 responses to “Lilacs blooming

  1. The flowers are so “springy”. I can almost smell them! I love the addition of the bleeding hearts.

  2. Debby Kemball

    Don’t feel embarrassed or awkward – it’s what friends are for……anyone can tell that you’re the most lovely person that deserves all the support that you may need at any time. We all have vulnerable times and it can help to vent. Also, I’ve discovered that quilters (and their understanding spouses!) are just about the nicest most supportive people around !!! Lovely bouquet by the way. xxx

  3. Just so Love the flowers. Have a great Day

  4. That is an absolutely gorgeous bouquet!!!

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