Words on quilts.  I LOVE that!!!  A quilt is special by itself, but when it has words, poignant words…it is ALL the more special.  I try to use words or imagery in the quilts I make.  I want my quilts to have a special meaning, a hidden message.  You might not see it right away.  You may have to look – twice…perhaps more than twice…  To me THAT is special, maybe even magical…

The first time I used words on a quilt was when I made the Pleasant Plates quilt for our bed.  The quilt wasn’t large enough, so I needed to add a border.  The border incorporate six eight (!) more Dresden Plates, but also words…  Magic.  Our names + friend, joy, cherish, whimsy, love, laugh, etc…  That quilt is so/sew meaningful to us.  And, to sleep under it every night is, yep, nothing short of magic!

I use to add words with applique or fabric selections.  I have now begun fmq’ing words into my quilts!!!  You would NEVER know it…unless you look…twice…or maybe more than twice…?!  I LOVE that!!!  Shhh, don’t tell!!!

Do you use words in your quilts too?

Piecefully, Pam


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7 responses to “Words.

  1. I found the name of the quilt you should look at. It is called Punctuation by Sara Impey…very interesting quilt.

  2. I was reading popular patchwork this morning and there is an article about the Quilt Exhibition at the V&A and one of the quilts was a word quilt. There was a really nice story to go with it aswell. I’ll get the mag out in the morning and let you know the quilt name and quilter as it was really interesting….and very relevant to your post.

  3. Joanna

    Bill and I LOVE the quilt!!! My mom, Nicole and I were checking out the words this morning over breakfast! They are beautiful!!! Thank you so much!!!!

  4. debby Kemball

    Yes!! For example I have made quilts for friends with the date of their wedding or significant dates, names etc hidden in the quilting (and really well hidden too making it even more fun to find). I was inspired years ago by a mum who made a quilt for her child who was going off to college and she had written lots and lots of advice including “Eat your vegetables” in the quilting. I love the whole idea of incorporating messages and also maybe a secret pocket too into quilts. Did you know that some quilts used to have a secret pocket in which the family treasures could be safely stored?

  5. You’re a genius of course, I love the idea that it might mean lovely dreams sleeping under such a quilt. Can we all pinch that idea? It’s like the antique quilts with the quilting of random shapes that may have come from cookie cutters, fun to find. How cute and adorable is that sock Monkey! You know I have a bag of socks for that purpose and I still haven’t got around to it.

  6. I love the idea of fmqing words into quilts! I enlarged your picture as much as I could, but I couldn’t spot any hidden messages.

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